U.S. government sequestration and professional training

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The U.S. government requires certain of its employees to maintain relevant skills, and to periodically demonstrate evidence of that training.  For example, continuing education units (CEUs) are accepted as proof of training the government recognizes.  

Training is required even in this era of budget cutbacks, including the goverment’s ongoing “sequestration” program.  So says an article written by Beverly Cooper, and published in SIGNAL Online, the online publication of the legendary Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Agency.  AFCEA is one of the leading professional networking and training organizations combining industry and government influencers and leaders.  Cooper reports that training alternatives are gaining interest.  These alternatives include conferences that offer CEUs.

Aha!  So that explains why I was awarded CEU’s when I recently attended a half-day symposium on “big data” in the Washington, DC area.  I didn’t seek out the CEU’s but was pleasantly surprised to receive them at the end of the event.  And now I know why they were provided – apparently there’s a demand for CEU’s through alternative venues.

The article – published in the online edition of AFCEA’s leading magazine – goes on to describe additional events offered by AFCEA where CEU’s will be offered.

So perhaps this was just a clever lead-in to AFCEA’s own training offerings.  Regardless, the point is important and clear:  professional training must continue, in spite of budget cutbacks.  

The time is right for cost-effective creative alternatives in the area of professional training.  Are you ready?


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