Khan Academy and Harvard University

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There’s an interesting article at the Harvard Gazette about the Khan Academy, which we’ve reported about here before at  It’s featured in the Harvard Alumni Gazette email newsletter, sent to alumni of Harvard University.

At one point, the article describes when Khan Academy founder Salman Khan was asked about edX, the joint Harvard-MIT effort.  His response.

EdX we are very close to. Anant Agarwal [the edX president] is actually one of my former professors. So we want to coordinate with them as much as possible.

EdX is an active website now, offering online training, including MOOCS – Massive Open Online Courses.

What’s most interesting to me is not the article itself, but the fact that Harvard is recognizing the value of Khan Academy, which we first reported here on February 24, 2011.

We’ll continue to follow both Khan and edX here at




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