Low-Cost Master’s Degree Online from Georgia Tech: A Game Changer?

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The New York Times reported this past weekend that for the first time, a major university is offering a full master’s degree in computer science via massive open online courses (MOOCs) at a relatively low cost.  Up to now, some major educational institutions have offered comprehensive MOOC-based courses, but while hundreds of thousands of enrollees have taken these courses, no credit was extended to the graduates.  The Georgia Institute of Technology is about to change that, by offering online via a MOOC a bona fide master’s degree for a significantly lower price. 

The on-campus price of a master’s degree in computer science via a MOOC is $45,000.  The MOOC price is $6,600.  Degree-focused exams will be proctored.  Organizers expect a certain number of students will not complete the course; these will be awarded certificates of completion for any individual courses they finish.

Dr. Zvi Galil – the dean of Georgia Tech’s College of Computing – acknowledges this is all a new area and “uncharted territory”.  But industry observers believe this could be a game changer.

For the full article, see Master’s Degree Is New Frontier of Study Online.


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