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We here at don’t often print press releases as written – in fact, come to think of it, I don’t think we’ve ever done it one time.  So this is a first.  We received the press release below on December 1 and personally I find it relevant to those in the training industry looking for a new tool to add some pizzazz to their live presentations.  So take a look and let us know what you think!

– Steve

New Software Breathes Life Into Boring PowerPoint Presentations Cave Creek, AZ – November 7, 2014 – On October 1, 2014, Training Games, Inc. 

(TGI) released new software called the “Presentation Companion.” This PowerPoint Add-In helps corporate trainers, teachers and presenters instantly import slides into any presentation. The software is being distributed as freeware, and comes with several included Slide Packs that are designed to help trainers make their presentations more interactive and engaging.

The Presentation Companion was developed by trainers for trainers, as the two directors of TGI are retired professional trainers themselves. “We consistently get feedback from our network of teacher and trainer customers that they need ways to make their PowerPoint presentations more interesting, as well as easier to develop. With the Presentation Companion, that’s exactly what we think we’ve done,” says Mick Riley, President of TGI. 

Riley claims that the Presentation Companion can enable anyone to add interactive content like TV style game slides, icebreakers, team builders, scoreboards, prize wheels, and classroom energizers at the click of a button..

TGI has been developing software for professional trainers for 10 years, but the Presentation Companion is their first free product.  It is available for free download on their website (, and comes with many free interactive game and trainer resource slides and links to other Slide Packs which TGI sells. “TGI Slide Packs are groups of trainer & teacher resource slides which enable them to quickly ‘drop-in’ interactive slides and games into any PowerPoint presentation, without needing to go through the work of developing them from scratch.  These Slide Packs make your presentations engaging, participative and FUN! Trainers will be amazed at how they are able to breathe life into a lack luster presentation and delight their audience! says Riley.

TGI also sells other software products for professional trainers that are very well received by their customers. Deborah Shinaberry, Vice President of Sales for Farmers & Merchants State Bank has been a customer of TGI for years and says about their products, “Training Games has been a very useful resource for training our organization in different areas. The ice breakers and team building exercises have been fun to use and there are so many you never have to use the same one twice.”

With the new Presentation Companion software just released by TGI, professional trainers have a new solution for developing interesting and engaging PowerPoint presentations. The Presentation Companion can be downloaded for free and comes with many free slides that trainers can put into their presentations in a matter of minutes. Visit the TGI website to download the Presentation Companion:

Training Games, Inc (TGI) designs and develops software games and other training aid products built in PowerPoint to help corporate trainers, presenters, speakers and teachers. Specifically, TGI develops games for trainers, training materials, training aids, team builder games, teaching games, corporate training games, TV game show quiz games, educational games, HR training materials, presentation games, presentation tools, and training activities guaranteed to make any training program come alive. Find out more about TGI by visiting them online: # # #


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