Where goes online publishing, so goes online education?

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Does today's article at CNN about Apple's plans for working with publishers hold a key for the future for online educators? 

Hopefully not.

So far only Rupert Murdoch has announced his intentions to go along with the 30 percent fee offered by Apple – not to mention the fact that Apple alone will hold the name of subscribers and their contact information.

On the one hand, I cannot imagine such a scenario for online education.  But how many saw this coming with the world of online newspapers?  Did the New York Times, who tried their fee-based subscriber service, only to crash and fail?

Today, the unique brand identities and loyal alumni lists of eduational institutions provide a unique position in the marketplace.  But the online world has sped up the cycle time for customers to shift allegiances. 

What do you think?  What are the implications here for online educators? 


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