The Silver Lining in High Gas Prices

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Rising gas prices - good for eLearning?

Today’s news reports that gas prices have risen at a record rate – one report I heard on today’s radio says that today saw the single largest jump in oil prices since Hurrican Katrina. And experts expect the trend to continue.

So what does this mean for eLearning? Plenty. And it’s all good.

The convenience and tremendous time-savings of eLearning is a large discriminator already. But skyrocketing gas prices just through fuel on the fire of rising interest in the industry.

This truth is not lost on anyone. However, two words of warning to those of us who benefit in the online economy from rising gas prices.

  • First, rising gas prices might be good for eLearning and the majority of the online economy, but that does not mean that rising gas prices are good in general. They are not. In the big scheme of things, rising gas prices cause a great deal of turmoil throughout the larger economy.

  • Second, don’t make the mistake of gloating. Many people suffer from rising gas prices. Many may be forced out of their industries because of it, and come looking to you for training in a new skillset. This is your opportunity to be gracious and don’t gloat. Respect the difficulty others are experiencing.

Meanwhile, you can quietly smile, knowing that you, as a part of the online economy, are well positioned for the future.

And if you aren’t sure if you’re completely positioned here yet, well, then we invite you to join us!


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