ELearning, Home Schooling, and the Presidential Campaign

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The upcoming presidential campaign promises to have an impact, directly and indirectly, on the eLearning industry.

Yesterday, many news organizations reported that Republican presidential candidates are reaching out to home-school groups, offering support, and acknowledging them as a significant voter block. Home schooling and eLearning go hand-in-hand, as a growing number of parents seeking to exert more control of the education of their children turn to eLearning offerings as a way to balance their own schedules with the demands of home schooling.

In addition, both sides of the aisle are expected to promote telework as an alternative to commuting, to address concerns over rising gasoline prices as well as security risks at work places. It’s already known that the US federal government has explored emergency telework options in the event of biological or other terrorist attack on a major city area.

Either way the election goes, it appears that the future of telework, home schooling, and therefore – eLearning – are solid and growing.


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