Report from China: Preferential hiring of westerners in China?

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A report this morning from the South China Morning Post states that a recent the trial surrounding a sex scandal in China has inadvertently revealed that non-Chinese teachers are given preferential hiring in China to an extreme degree.

The deputy director of the Beijing-based 21st Century Education Research Institute, Xiong Bingqi, is quoted in the article as saying “in many cases, foreigners with only a travel visa become teachers.”

The article goes on to quote people who make the following claims:

[F]or the white- skinned people, they don’t even ask for a resume…

[W]hite females can get paid a lot more than other Asian-looking foreigners…

It took me five months to finally obtain a legit visa at my first school … [m]ost of that was spent mailing documents back and forth…

The full article is dated May 3, 2013, and is online here.


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