Are Teachers in Training already “Highly Qualified”?

Uncategorized 0 Comment 125 is reporting that a curious entry was included in the legislation that recently re-opened the U.S. federal government in mid October of this year.  The new provision, which has nothing to do with the re-opening of the government, stipulates that teachers can be described as “highly qualified” even if they are still in training.


This is an issue with a history that goes back to the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, passed by the 107th Congress.  Implementers of the law began to assert that teachers still being trained were already “highly qualified”, but the courts weighed in an disagreed with that interpretation of the original Act.

And now the 113th Congress has legislated that yes, a teacher in training is already “highly qualifed”, before the training is completed. 

The concern expressed at is that this will enable teachers who are still in training to be sent into areas where its more difficult to place experienced teachers who have completed their training and are, well, highly qualified.  As opposed to “highly qualified” in the eyes of the 113th Congress.

Do you agree?  For more info see the article here.


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