What are the top nine websites that offer tools and software-as-a-service for educators?

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Here are nine top websites that offer tools and software-as-a-service (SaaS) for educators:

  1. Google for Education – Provides a suite of tools including Google Classroom, Google Drive, and various collaboration tools tailored for educational settings. It’s widely used for its integration with other Google services and ease of use. LINK: Google for Education
  2. Kahoot! – An interactive platform that allows educators to create fun learning games and quizzes. It’s known for engaging students and making learning more interactive. LINK: Kahoot!
  3. Canvas – A robust learning management system (LMS) that supports online and blended learning. It offers tools for creating courses, grading, and student assessments. LINK: Canvas
  4. Zoom – While known primarily as a video conferencing tool, Zoom offers educational features like breakout rooms, polls, and integrations with LMS platforms, making it ideal for remote learning. LINK: Zoom
  5. Nearpod – An interactive presentation tool that allows teachers to create engaging lessons with multimedia content, quizzes, and collaborative activities. LINK: Nearpod
  6. Seesaw – A student engagement platform that empowers students to create, reflect, and share their learning experiences. It’s widely used in elementary education. LINK: Seesaw
  7. Schoology – Another powerful LMS that offers course management, attendance tracking, and assessment tools. It supports K-12 and higher education. LINK: Schoology
  8. Flipgrid – A video discussion platform where educators can create discussion topics, and students respond with short video clips. It’s great for fostering discussions and student engagement. LINK: Flipgrid
  9. Quizlet – Offers learning tools like flashcards, games, and quizzes. It’s widely used for studying and test preparation, with a vast library of user-generated content. LINK: Quizlet

These platforms provide a range of functionalities to support different aspects of teaching and learning, from content creation and delivery to student engagement and assessment.

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